I hosted a 4th of July party in Norway and it was a huge success. The weather might have caused a few issues but nothing these hearty Norwegians couldn’t handle.

I hosted a party like this a few years ago while I was on vacation in Norway and only received positive reviews. So, now that I’m living over there, I knew I needed to keep this American tradition alive. I told everyone to dress like an American, be ready for games, hot dogs and hamburgers, s’mores, and in the honor of my hometown, some Bandit wine of course!

I definitely wasn’t disappointed with people’s costumes. We had college bros, cowgirls, surfer dudes, and red-white-and-blue/American flag swimsuits, t-shirts, hats, socks and shoes. Norwegians love themed parties and they went all out.

For games we had Beer Pong and Flip Cup of course, but the most American game I could think of was Cornhole. This is not a game you can go buy at the store in Norway so I had only one option: I needed to make it. The Monday prior to our Saturday evening BBQ, I went down to the Norwegian-style hardware store and purchased all the wood, screws, nails, paint and etc., then got to work.

Thank goodness I started early because it took a long time. I needed to build it, sand it, prime it, sand it again, paint it, paint it again and then make sure it was slick enough! The final product was amazing and the party goers got a crash course in the best tailgating activity ever.

Overall, the party was super fun. Thank goodness I have a year to recover before planning next year’s Independence Day bash!

Until next time,
  Emily Talley
  Napa native, pro golfer, world traveler, Bandit fan