Well I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate my birth-month. That’s what we call it in my family because we milk our birthday for all its worth. Days, weeks, months, we would go all year if we could. I turned 26 on August 5th and can usually get a few good celebratory weeks in before it’s my Dad’s birthday. He gets the second half of the birth month. These last few birthday weeks have been the best.

I spent a few days out east playing some golf with awesome Bandit wine distribution groups in Massachusetts and Connecticut. We had some pretty fun weather. The first day up in Plymouth, MA we played in 78 degrees, not a breath of air and my shoulder was feeling great. It was a blast. Every group I get to play with gets better and better. The second day I went down to Milford, CT and gave a little clinic/talked too much and then we all teed it up. The weather turned out to be a little different in comparison to the day before, but it was still a blast. By the 5th hole the torrential downpour started and we continued to play until the golf course staff called us off due to lightning and thunder. Even though we had to stop playing, sitting with the group during the rain delay and cracking up from all the fantastic stories and jokes that were flying around was even better.

After these days were over I made my way back to California to spend an amazing two-week vacation with my boyfriend, who came in from Norway, and my family. So I am currently sitting on a couch overlooking Lake Tahoe and resting up before yet another busy day of activities. But nothing can top yesterday’s activities. My boyfriend, dad, sister, cousin, aunt and I all headed out pretty early for the “toughest day hike in the Tahoe Basin” — Mt Tallac. It is a 3,000 ft. vertical climb with some extraordinary view. And when we reached the top my boyfriend got down on one knee, and proposed to me!

He even brought some champagne and cups for everyone to celebrate together. So needless to say, in my eyes, this was a fantastic birth-month!

Signing off,
Emily Talley
Napa native, pro golfer, world traveler, Bandit fan