For seventeen straight days this month, we’re bordering on fanatical about swimming legends, masters of the uneven bars, and super-human sprinters. The 2016 Olympic Games are upon us, and nothing makes the torch burn brighter than a viewing party with made-in-the-USA Bandit wine.

When you gather people together every four years, you’ve got to do it right. If ever there was a time to wave your stars and stripes and chant “USA! USA!”— this is it. Take your red-white-and-blue theme up a notch with Bandit Red Wine Blend and Bandit Chardonnay served in blue cups. Our versatile varietals will set the right tone for a patriotic viewing night.

You may be tempted to hang overlapping hula hoops above your TV in the five Olympic colors. By all means, go for it. We prefer to leave the heavy lifting to the discus throwers, and simply kick back with an easy-to-tote, even-easier-to-open box of Bandit wine. 

The Bandit Crew