The summer solstice is upon us, and for the first time in nearly 70 years, the longest day of the year coincides with June’s full moon. When the sun sets on the first official day of summer, the Strawberry Moon—so-called for the fruit that hits peak ripeness this month—will shine brightly. Optimal viewing for this rare celestial event is at nightfall on Monday, June 20.

Down here on earth, we’re packing a picnic that’s fit not only for moon-gazing on the longest day of the year, but also for outdoor concerts, movies in the park, and any other excuse we can find to lay out a blanket, take off our shoes and eat dinner under the night sky.

First order of business: the wine. (That’s always the first order of business around here.) Take your cue from the rising mercury and grab a box of Bandit Pinot Grigio. Light, crisp, refreshing. This one’s summer in a box, literally.

Next up: the food. A great meal under the stars should be easy to eat in your lap. We like to nibble on carrots and hummus, fill up on baguettes with cheese and salami, and get our al fresco fix with tomato and basil pasta.  For dessert: the sweetest, juiciest fruit you can find at the farmer’s market. (Strawberries, anyone?)

Remember to keep it simple. You’re not going camping for three days, but you do need a few essentials. Think recyclable plates, napkins, utensils and cups, a cozy blanket and a soft cooler with a few ice packs. No need for a wine opener, though. Just unscrew your Bandit box and take a sip. Preferably under a full moon.

The Bandit Crew