It is finally summer in Norway and it couldn’t be more perfect! The sun is up all day and the temperature is a consistent 75 degrees or so. I am in heaven! Right now, the days are super long as we head towards the longest day of the year. Since the sun is always up, there is no limit to all the activities that one can achieve. On June 8th, the sun rose at 3:58am and it went down at 10:35pm. We are talking 18+ hours of sunlight! I have been here since the end of April and each day has gotten longer and the weather has gotten better. On the news they said that the weather hasn’t been this consistently nice since the summer of 1990. I guess I moved here at the right time. 

Norway is special because its weather is so mild in comparison to other places at the same latitude. Think: Siberia, Alaska, Finland, Greenland and Northern Canada. So many places have such harsh winters (super low temperatures) and harsh summers (very hot or still cold). Norway is just plain mild and that is due to its location next to a vast ocean and its temperature. The water approaches from the Gulf Stream, which is traveling from the Caribbean and up the eastern US coast before it hits Norway. This causes mild temperatures for the coastal region.

This last winter Norway was crossing its fingers for the temperature to drop below freezing so everyone could have snow rather than rain. Now that we are in the summer the days have been between 65 and 80 degrees, and the water out in the fjord is around 60 to 65 degrees. Very refreshing on those really warm days to say the least, but still a lot warmer than the ocean near the coast of Alaska (40-45 degrees).

Looking back at my college days at the University of Colorado, I am glad to say that I met a guy from Norway and not from Siberia. It would have been a little tougher to get used to that weather.

Until next time,
  Emily Talley
  Napa native, pro golfer, world traveler, Bandit fan