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We know every decision we make impacts the environment, so we’re making sustainable choices that leave the Earth in better shape than we found it. Our eco-friendly ethos begins with our packaging. We use the innovative technology of Tetra Pak® to deliver our wine in an ultra-convenient carton that harnesses the power of renewable resources and reduces our carbon footprint. We respect the world’s limited natural resources, and we think our wine should, too.

Renewable Resources

Bandit’s Tetra Pak® is made almost entirely from paper, a renewable resource that can be re-grown or produced without depleting natural resources. Since glass is not a renewable resource, we’ve made a conscious choice to package our wine in a more sustainable alternative.

More Wine, Less Waste

One carton of Bandit holds 50% more wine than a traditional wine bottle, which means we’re using fewer raw materials to package our wine. With a product-to-package ratio better than an egg’s, we’re making good on our promise to conserve natural resources.

A Smaller Footprint

The way a wine is packaged has a significant impact on CO2 emissions. Much less energy is used to produce and package Bandit wines than traditional wines, which keeps our environmental impact and carbon footprint smaller.

Fuel Efficiency

Shipping the Tetra Pak®—both before and after we fill it with Bandit wine—requires much less fuel, thanks to its lightweight and space-efficient design. It takes 52 semi-trucks to transport one million empty bottles of wine. One million empty cartons of Bandit? Just two semi-trucks.


Bandit cartons are made from 100% recyclable materials. More than 50 million Americans have access to Tetra Pak® recycling locations. Visit and to find one near you.